How Our Parcel Looks Like?

How Our Parcel Looks Like?

TEEGUEUJI use Flyer packing (Various Sizes) and Box Packing.

1. Flyer: Tamperproof bag, courier packing security envelope are designed for postal and courier transport services. These are light, strong, waterproof and have an adhesive strip to keep the product locked. It is provided with a transparent pocket to keep the shipping level.

 teeguruji courier bag 01   teeguruji courier bag 02

2. Box: T-shirt packaging box having dimensions 10" X 10" X 1". Ideal for packing one or two t-shirts. TEEGURUJI provides export quality products at reasonable price which is sure to have an excellent feedback from the customers. 

teeguruji courier bag 03
Dear TEEGURUJI Customers, You are requested to check the parcels before you receive that. If the parcel is broken or teared, please do not accept this.  
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